Decima Solutions

Profit recovery and loss prevention. We identify lost profits and prevent future losses.

Profit Recovery

Decima Solutions specialises in creating technology to reduce losses, identify historical losses, and help clients and accountants to recovery lost profits through unclaimed Input Vat identification.

The Process

We have developed and acquired leading edge technologies to identify lost profits, and with our team of channel and agent partners, assist clients in recovering lost profits.

No Result, No Fee

Our offering is done entirely on contingency basis, so no recovery no fee basis. We have a 100% success rate in recovering substantial savings and loss recoveries to our clients.

Unclaimed Input VAT

Decima Solutions and our partners have been instrumental in the recovery of losses in excess of ZAR120m through the recovery of unclaimed input VAT. Our history with clients has proven that financial mistakes occur due to financial system configuration, human input error or the lack of knowledge of the VAT regulations, resulting in incorrect payments, unclaimed Input VAT and other preventable losses.